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Green Ways to Cool Your Mobile Home and Manufactured Home During These Hot Summer Months

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Switching on your AC is always an easy option to cool your home during these hot summer months. So here are a few tips to cool your Mobile Home or Manufactured Home during these hot summer days without turning your AC on.

1. It's always nice to open your curtains when you first wake to let in that beautiful sunshine. Did you know your also letting in that heat? If you keep your sun facing curtains closed you will eliminate a lot of heat coming in.

2. Ceiling fans. Keep your ceiling fans on low throughout the day to circulate the cool air coming in and break up the hot air.

3. Take in the breeze. If you have windows facing a breeze, crack that window and let it in.

4. Avoid using your oven or dryer. Any heat appliances will bring that heat into your home.

5. Indoor plants. Fill your home with drought resistant plants. They will make your home look cooler and refresh the air.

Keep Cool This Summer

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