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Are You Ready to Sell Your Home?

1. Paint Those Cabinets- A perfect and easy way to brighten and freshen your kitchen is to paint your cabinets.

2. Lighting- Open those curtains, replace those bulbs and add some lamps. You'll be surprised how light will make your home feel and look newer.

3. Wall Color- Make sure all walls are similar neutral colors. You want your home to appeal to everyone.

4. Clean Those Rugs And Carpet- Remove all stains!

5. Walls- Repair and paint over all picture holes in your walls.

6. Update Bathroom Fixtures- Out with the old and in with the new. If you have old fixtures it will be worth it to replace with new ones. You don't need to spend a lot here.

7. Caulking- Make sure all caulking in the kitchen and bathrooms is white and clean.

8. First Impression- Make sure when your potential buyer pulls up to your home it leaves a great first impression. Pull weeds, mow grass and sweep.

9. No Pets Here- Remove all signs of having a pet. Pack them up and put them away.

10. Fresh Air- Keep all your candles and sprays at bay. Fresh air is all you need. Open your windows and turn on those ceiling fans. You don't want people thinking your covering up a unwanted smell.

Now your ready to sell your home with these 10 simple steps. Happy Selling!!

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